Month: June 2015

  • Our best grilled cheese sandwich

    Technique to make a superior grilled cheese: – melt the butter in the pan and place the bread in, don’t butter the bread first. – assemble the sandwich in the pan, not beforehand. – use grated cheese, not sliced; it will melt better and more evenly. – cover the pan […]

  • Safeway BBQ Battle 2015

    We are so excited to announce that Chef Alexis will be doing a demonstration with Cabot Creamery at the Safeway BBQ Battle at 4pm on June 27th. Get your tickets here!

  • Berry Preservation

    Tired of berries molding before you get a chance to eat? When you bring your berries home from the farmer’s market dunk them in hot water, or a vinegar and water mixture, for 20 seconds.  The hot water or the acid water will destroy the bacteria that causes berries to […]