Our Values

Meeting and Exceeding Your Expectations

Using Sustainable, Local Ingredients

Working Toward a Zero-Waste Kitchen

Treating Our Staff Fairly

Being a Positive Force in Our Community

Meeting and Exceeding Your Expectations

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The mission of Farm to Feast Catering is to provide outstanding catering services to clients in the DMV area, meet and exceed our client’s’ expectations, and fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities as a small business.
We offer a broad range of catering and event-planning services and solutions, with menus and event designs running from traditional to cutting-edge. We believe that catered food shouldn’t be bland or boring. No matter the size or type of event, we’re committed to serving fresh, interesting and, of course, delicious food that you and your guests will enjoy.

In serving our clients, Farm to Feast is committed to fair and transparent pricing; to a flexible approach that can accommodate the particular, and sometimes changing needs of each client; and to the highest standards of food quality and event execution.

We also work hard to honor our responsibilities to the environment, to our community and to our employees.

Using Sustainable, Local Ingredients

Whenever possible, Farm to Feast uses sustainably grown, locally sourced ingredients, and is dedicated to reducing food waste as well as food miles. We seek out partners who share our commitment to sustainability, responsible stewardship and humane treatment of animals, such as vegetable farms that produce without chemical pesticides; animal breeders that bring us humanely raised, cage-free animals who have been properly and naturally fed; and seafood suppliers using the safest fishing practices, and offering the least over-fished species.

We are constantly developing “nose to tail” recipes, concepts that utilize the whole animal, as well as whole plants (“root to leaf”). And we are happy to use vegetables and fruits that are supposedly “too ugly” to be sold but, in fact, are perfectly fine to eat.

Working Toward a Zero-Waste Kitchen

Shrimp and Grits on Edible SpoonsAll of our disposable products are compostable and/or recyclable and all paper products are made of post-consumer recycled paper. To eliminate extra packaging, our condiments are served in bulk containers — not individual condiment packages — and whenever possible, we serve drinks in large containers rather than bottles.

Treating Our Staff Fairly

As a small, woman-owned business, we have had the privilege over the life of our business of employing a  diverse group of people, whose different experiences and perspectives have shaped our organizational development. To that end, Farm to Feast is opposed to discrimination of all forms.

Farm to Feast pays a living wage to both permanent employees and event-specific workers. We also organize our work in a way that facilitates work-life balance and respects staff members’ family responsibilities. We foster a work environment of mutual respect among staff members and we prioritize staff development and growth.

Being a Positive Force in Our Community

Farm to Feast’s Chef and Proprietor Alexis Starkey with Business & Event Manager Hannah Tucker

As a small business, we recognize that our contributions to our community may be modest, but we believe every business should give back to the community that nurtures it with whatever resources at it has.
Farm to Feast offers employment opportunities to at-risk youth, people with developmental disabilities and others in need of job training. We also support local progressive organizations by contributing to fundraising auctions and donating food and services. Whenever possible, leftovers from our events are provided to a local homeless shelter.

As a small business, we recognize that our contributions are modest, but we believe every business should give back to the community that nurtures it with whatever resources at it has.

Above all, we have unswerving dedication to producing great food and great events, and by living our values in the way we run our business, we seek to be an asset to our clients, a source of good jobs for our staff, a responsible steward of the environment and a builder of community.