Tips and Tricks

  • Keep Your Carrots Fresh

    It’s the season for carrots to have greens on the top – in order to store them you should separate those greens from the carrots because keeping the tops on pulls out the nutrients and the veggies get wobbly faster – but don’t worry, you can use the tops to […]

  • Holiday Drink: Gin & Cider

    Our office enjoys a good cocktail, and this season we’re drinking our special version of gin and juice that’s got everyone raving. 1 oz Catoctin Creek Gin 1 oz Cherry Liqueur 1/2 oz True Syrups and Garnishes Tonic 1 oz Apple Cider 1/4 oz Orange Juice 1/4 oz Maple Syrup Shake it all with ice, […]

  • Natural Easter Egg Dying

    Its time for dying easter eggs, why not try a natural alternative? 1 Cup of Water 1 Tablespoon white vinegar and choice of color: 1 Cup Chopped Purple Cabbage for Blue 1 cup Yellow Onion Skins for Orange 1 cup Grated Beets for Pink Pour the amount of water you […]

  • Holiday Musician Available

    Meet Jonathan Tuzman: Jonathan specializes in providing music for events, weddings, and other parties, primarily either background instrumental music, or playing and singing for a piano-bar style act that really gets a crowd going. He has played at all types of events – Christmas and Easter parties, wedding ceremonies, cocktail […]

  • Tips and Tricks

    November is good nutrition month! Love matcha tea and its nutritional benefits? Another delicious way to use it is by making foolproof matcha covered chocolate truffles! These are dark chocolate and matcha tea – if you are going to indulge, these are one of the healthiest choices you can make […]