Meet our Local Microgreens Supplier

Local Microgreens by Underground Greens:

Having  grown up in Eastern Europe, Maryna Higgins always had a close connection with the land and her family farms. Maryna, an urban farmer and the owner of Underground Greens, has a passion for nurturing the plants and watching them grow before they end up on the dinner plate. This passion never left Maryna even after she moved to the big city. Instead it led her to abandon her desk job and dedicate her time to growing local, sustainable produce for DC metro area residents.

Underground Greens specializes in growing ultra-local microgreens right in the heart of our nation’s capital. Farming in a controlled environment and a dedication to fresh delicious food helps us produce consistent, quality microgreens bursting with flavor year-round. Our close proximity to our customers allows us to accommodate both large and small orders, leading to reduced waste and significant cost savings.

Within a few hours of being harvested, our all natural, pesticide free, delicious greens are available for our chefs. We do not have a minimum order. Our greens are not flown from the other side of the country. Our greens are not driven long miles before reaching your plate. They are ultra-local and fresh. Always. We grow ’em. You dig ’em. Try them today!


(written by Maryna Higgins)