Meet Our Meat Supplier

Chicama Run farm in Purcellville, VA is considered small but it has a big mission; i.e. to supply healthy pasture-raised meat from their Angus cattle, lambs, goats, pigs or chickens to discerning people, who want free-roaming grass-fed field animals to feed their families. “I wouldn’t buy the meat of the cattle I see coming in to be butchered because they look sick,” says Dana Sacco, one of the family owners of Chicama. She also stressed that it is very important that the cattle be grass-fed because their stomachs are not designed to eat grains. Their first stomach converts the grass to useable proteins for their own growth and health. The sheep, goats and llama also have more than one stomach. The chickens and pigs don’t, which is why they need feed-grain in their diet. The grain is locally grown in season, and is obtained from pesticide free farms.

The farm brings in 5-10 young steer from a trusted rancher, who rotates his meadows rather than chemically-treat the fields just like Chicama. The steer graze at Chicama for a year and customers can buy the meat from their own selected cow, which they are welcome to visit all year long. Weather permitting; the farm is open on weekends most seasons (not winter) to walk-in visitors who want to see a real working farm and its animals. They can see the 900 laying chickens, that are not confined or fenced in, along with the 9 pigs which produce 30 to 40 piglets a year; as well as, the dairy or meat goats, and lambs. The one llama is there to protect the goats from coyotes and dogs. It follows that the Sacco family is there to protect us in what we eat.

We are proud to source from Chicama Run, a producer that shares our commitment to ethical farming and animal husbandry and produces truly delicious meats.