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  • Diego


    Meet our amazing staff member, Diego! He was born and raised in Colombia, but came to the States when he was 13 years old. When not working at our events Diego has another job as a pharmacy tech, since he wants to go to school and become a pharmacist. Diego […]Read More »
  • Keep Your Carrots Fresh

    Keep Your Carrots Fresh

    It’s the season for carrots to have greens on the top – in order to store them you should separate those greens from the carrots because keeping the tops on pulls out the nutrients and the veggies get wobbly faster – but don’t worry, you can use the tops to […]Read More »
  • Ugly Sweater Run

    Ugly Sweater Run

    Thanks for an amazing morning at the Ugly Sweater Run in DC, We cant wait to do it again in Baltimore. Check out there site (and buy a ticket) on there Website.Read More »
  • Holiday Specials

    Holiday Specials

    Holiday Specials with lots of Holiday Hors D’oevresRead More »
  • Holiday Drink: Gin & Cider

    Holiday Drink: Gin & Cider

    Our office enjoys a good cocktail, and this season we’re drinking our special version of gin and juice that’s got everyone raving. 1 oz Catoctin Creek Gin 1 oz Cherry Liqueur 1/2 oz True Syrups and Garnishes Tonic 1 oz Apple Cider 1/4 oz Orange Juice 1/4 oz Maple Syrup Shake it all with ice, […]Read More »
  • November: Its not all about Turkey

    November: Its not all about Turkey

    November SpecialsRead More »
  • Catoctin Mountain Farm

    Catoctin Mountain Farm

    Deep in the Catoctin Mountains of Eastern Maryland, pigs trot around the forest, sniffing out grubs and gobbling up acorns. A truck pulls up and two men hop out. They walk to the back of the truck and pull out pallets of hydroponically grown barley, dumping the grass onto the […]Read More »
  • Autumn Bounty: You Won’t Be-Leaf It

    Autumn Bounty: You Won’t Be-Leaf It

    October SpecialsRead More »