Meet our Local Microgreens Supplier

Local Microgreens by Underground Greens: Having  grown up in Eastern Europe, Maryna Higgins always had a close connection with the land and her family farms. Maryna, an urban farmer and the owner of Underground Greens, has a passion for nurturing the plants and watching them grow before they end up on the dinner plate. This passion never left Maryna even after she moved to the big city. Instead it led her to abandon her desk job and dedicate her...

Meet our fish supplier

Meet our fish supplier

We are excited to announce our partnership with the amazing suppliers at Profish! They have a very helpful sustainable availability calendar that will help you to figure out when you have access to certain fish. Check it out here!


Meet Our Meat Supplier

Chicama Run farm in Purcellville, VA is considered small but it has a big mission; i.e. to supply healthy pasture-raised meat from their Angus cattle, lambs, goats, pigs or chickens to discerning people, who want free-roaming grass-fed field animals to feed their families. “I wouldn’t buy the meat of the cattle I see coming in to be butchered because they look sick,” says Dana Sacco, one of the family owners of Chicama. She also stressed that...